Carta Visa: Table of Contents

This story is about the chaotic life of a fashion photographer like me, who one day had the bright idea to set out for a certain ‘iron curtain’ country as a means of gaining new and peculiar life experiences. However, God decided to grace me with an enemy unmatched in good looks and ferociousness, Alexey, a mafia gangster in disguise as a civil servant. Not to mention, he’s not by himself. Accompanied by three particularly brutal bodyguards, the mundane life of a commoner like me was flipped upside-down by an expensive and fatal life lesson that I never dreamed of facing.

118655440Volume 1
1st Round
2nd Round
3rd Round
4th Round
5th Round
6th Round
7th Round
8th Round
9th Round
10th Round
11th Round
12th Round
13th Round
14th Round
15th Round
16th Round
17th Round
18th Round
19th Round
20th Round

Volume 2
21st Round
22nd Round
23rd Round
24th Round
25th Round
26th Round
27th Round
28th Round
29th Round
30th Round
31st Round
32nd Round
33rd Round
34th Round






Translator’s Opinion
Despite there being an (over) abundance of BL novels in Thailand, Carta Visa has always stood out to me as being one of the most enjoyable novels in a long time. Guaranteed to give a Jolly Good Time™, this story is full of humour which tastefully does not put off from the romantic heartfelt moments. The fire-water dynamic between Petch and Alexey is a delight to read, not to mention there is the lovey dovey side couple as well. Carta Visa spans five thick volumes however they are broken up into the following:

Volume 1 & 2: Carta Visa – Base Story
Volume 3 & 4: Carta Visa – Red Rag and the Bulls
Volume 5: Carta Visa – Short notes from Paris

Finally, please do note that English is not my first language but I am trying my best! There is also unfortunately no upload schedule; regardless, loosely and very generally I tend to crank out three chapters every month (Edit: On hiatus till mid-May 2018, sorry!)


Title: Carta Visa
Author: Lingbahh
Language: Thai
Genre: BL, Romance, Comedy


11 thoughts on “Carta Visa: Table of Contents

    • Right now I’ve got a lot on my plate already with Carta Visa, so I doubt I will be translating another novel any time soon. However, after this story ends then sure! I haven’t decided on what novel yet but if you have any recommendations I’ll be glad to take them into account, cheers. 🙂

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      • Hello! How are you? My name is Ralf (but I use Killua’s nickname) and I’m Brazilian, I’m a big fan of novels of the genre. And I loved your work and would like to ask for permission to translate your translation from Portuguese (BR) of course I will give you full credit for the work. I do not have much experience with translation but I would like to develop my skills a little and spread a little of that culture with people who like to read and especially for those who like the genre. I’m not very good with dialogue but I work hard and I’m not good at English, but I’m looking for improvements. If you’ll let me use your translation, I’ll be really grateful.


      • Thanks for asking for permission – and yes! You’re welcome to translate it into Portuguese. Also, while I doubt you’ll catch up to current chapter that quickly, do be noted however that Carta Visa won’t be updating for a few months (until up to mid-May I’m afraid due to real life commitments, sorry about that ^^;)

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