Carta Visa: 18th Round

Bold: The characters are speaking in English

Astana, Kazakhstan.

I staggered out of the BMW convertible with a sick feeling in my stomach, head dizzy like I was about to pass out. Even tiger balm didn’t help to lessen my torment, I swerved uncontrollably side to side like a person high on drugs, slumping against one of the large mosque pillars as Viktar eyed me with… um… worry (possibly).

I realized now what that hottie was going to warn me about in regards to Viktar. Initially, I assumed that bodyguard number two would be sharp-tongued and sarcastic like Isakov but who knew… Viktar was a man of little words… so little in fact that… I still couldn’t recall what his voice sounded like. Was he afraid of startling the trees or something? Moreover, he liked to make a dot dot expression, do you understand me? A ‘dot dot’ expression meant he thought neither good or bad about a single thing on this planet. Be it driving at the speed of light or freaking me out by cutting in front of a truck, followed by barely whiffing a granny selling flowers on the side of the road, Viktar still maintained his ‘…’ face. There was no trace of emotion on his face, in his eyes, or behind his words. Even with me nearly kneeling and begging for him to ease those feet of his, the guy simply answered:


Before proceeding to lower the speed to two hundred and twenty miles per hour, yeah sure, thanks a lot man…

If he didn’t claim to be ‘His Excellency’s’ bodyguard, I would have thought he was a cross country race car driver instead (by this I mean crossing from this lifetime into the next).

The dot dot guy patted my shoulder and shifted his gaze towards the inside of the mosque.

“The ceremony is about is to start, go on.”

I took a deep breath, fine… hopefully God won’t punish me if I wind up puking in the middle of the mosque.

As part of Kazakhstan tradition, wedding ceremonies involved Islamic rituals and practices, this one proceeding smoothly and without a hitch. In fact it was fairly unceremonious, the number of guests attending the event was no small crowd either. Seeing the bride’s face glow with happiness I couldn’t resist smiling along. She wore a traditional Kazakhstan dress weaved with elegant silks and a cone-shaped hat with tufts of animal fur lining the edges–for those having difficulty picturing it, it basically looked like a party hat meant for a five year old; except this was their tradition. As for the groom, he merely wore a clean white shirt and matching white pants, layering on top a waistcoat stitched in silk and a short cylinder hat.

I can’t explain anymore than this but putting it briefly… the bride’s parents send her off, the elders give their blessing, and everyone prays together. In the meantime I was panning my eyes across the room, failing to find the woman in the red dress anywhere and so decided to continue reading the bride and groom’s background information which I had translated using Google Translate. Wading through the broken and disjointed translation–anyone familiar with using this service can probably relate–the bride’s history turned out to be nothing major. She was a regular girl from Ukraine who one day was given the chance to work in Kazakhstan’s ministry of foreign affairs, being assigned to a small position in the government. From there, the story of romance between the two of them blossomed like the fairytail Cinderella. A plain common girl found love with a man of high status. Now, she was wearing matching wedding rings with the son of the minister of foreign affairs, their story seems to have reached a happy ending.

Once the religious part of the wedding ceremony was over, everyone moved to the InterContinental Hotel on Abaya Avenue, changing their outfits in preparation to welcome the rest of the guests which trickled in to attend the evening celebrations.

The dot dot guy and I concealed ourselves among the group of thirty or so reporters which had come to get a scoop of the famous wedding couple. I tried to speak as little as possible to avoid drawing attention to myself since I had no idea who I was supposed to tail. Why did I have to tail her and was I really going to receive money in return? (this point was very important). In the end, the woman in question still hadn’t shown herself. The dot dot guy sat silently without any sign of being restless or frustrated, but as for me, I was starting to feel stressed. Frantic that this assignment was going to go on for much longer and make me miss my chance to go travelling, I secretly whispered a question at last.

Viktar merely shrugged his shoulders. “She’s not here yet so keep waiting, you should be accustomed to waiting.”

“But I don’t have a lot of time.”

“Whoever hires you to work for them becomes the owner of your time… If you aren’t patient, you won’t get hired.”

Oh, Viktar had a point. When I first started out as a photographer, I was used to waiting for several hours on end as I was still very new at the time. I didn’t have the words nor skill to bargain with anyone so I waited patiently and waited long. However, as I continued to work and as people began to recognize me more, my reputation in the circle of people whom I worked with was pushed to a higher level. I received jobs and praises so often that it began to feel normal, causing me to sometimes forget how to wait and have patience.

After all, if you want to take a photo of the rising sun, you’ll have to wake up earlier and wait for it…


A loud buzz of chatter emerged from the elegant red carpet at the entrance to the party. I relied on my thinner frame to duck into the crowd of reporters and appear again on the other side in front of the carpet. I instinctively hold up my camera to eye-level. The door to the lavish Bentley car opened wide along with the appearance of a long slender leg belonging to… oh my god!

I pressed the shutter subconsciously as the blinding flashes of several other cameras clashed against one another in a show of lights. A nameless woman in a long vermilion backless evening gown stepped down onto the carpet. Her skin was porcelain white like it was actually glowing. Blue eyes beneath the elegantly curled eyelashes shined bright like jewels… hey, what the hell was going on… was I seeing things or experiencing double vision, oh my god!

The person following closely behind was a drop-dead handsome young man with brilliant blue eyes capable of making hearts melt. The man exited the car in a Tom Ford suit (I don’t know why I knew, but I knew!–because it made Daniel Craig the current 007 James Bond look two times hotter than he deserved to be.) and waved at the reporters with a small smile. When the nameless woman and nameless man stood beside each other to have their photos taken, their blinding aura turned my eyes blurry, pressing the shutter by mistake several times. As for the reporters behind me, they were nearly clambering onto my shoulders in order to get shots of their own. Fortunately, the dot dot guy manoeuvred his way in, gathered my waist, and pulled me out just in time before I ended up getting trampled to death.

I was in such absolute shock that I couldn’t speak for two to three minutes; my eyes were still blurry as well. “Those two people, who are they? Why are they…”

“The elder twin used to be a supermodel in Russia, now she’s married to an old fart of a billionaire. Though currently, I think… she’s trying to get back into the entertainment industry with a breakthrough in Europe. As for the younger twin… you’ll find out soon enough.”

Twins!!! This fact was something which shocked me greatly. Importantly, what kind of pregnancy did their mother have to be able to give birth to a son and daughter with heavenly good looks such as this?

“What our eyes see… is often not the truth, remember this well. Go on, follow her…”


The evening party was lavish and grandiose to the point where I almost mistook it for the Academy Awards. Be it the horse-drawn carriage delivering guests, the celebration, or the location, everything looked luxuriously blown out of proportion, so much so that the bride appeared to be more flustered and excited than the groom who was welcoming guests with expertise.

However, when I glimpsed over at the relatives of the groom and bride… I saw only worry projected on these people’s faces. Each pair of eyes was fixed on the beautiful women in the red dress with strange unease.

The little bride… wasn’t only flustered now, she was holding in her sobs… What was going on…? Why did the appearance of one single person turn the romantic atmosphere so glum?

Or was she sad at the fact that her wedding had become a regular social gathering? An event for guests to discuss business, debate about politics and pit their wealth against each other? …Or was I over-exaggerating things…?

The entrance to the party went abuzz once more. From seeing the blinding lights of several camera flashes go off, I presumed that it was probably another high-profile person arriving. But since my gaze was still insistently following the woman in the red dress, I didn’t have a chance to take in the new arrival.

My ears twitched when I heard someone speaking Russian off in the distance say the word: Nazarbayev. Hastily I craned my head to look, finding the newly arrived guest to be none other than the lord almighty Alexey Nazarbayev exiting from a luxurious car costing several ten million baht. Wearing a sharp black suit, his figure looked even more dignified as he stood talking in a hushed tone with a nameless young man. Though Alexey’s mouth spoke to one person, his gaze was fixed to another. I had no idea what they were talking about but the distance between them… they were virtually hugging at this point…

The beautiful pair of lips which whispered something into that slim ear… unfolded into a smile… and then laughter… and from laughter back into a smile… did he find something funny or what? They didn’t have to stand so close to each other.

Alexey turned around and looked at me, his mouth pausing. The previously cheerful expression on his face now molded into cold displeasure as his glaring eyes said: Go do your assignment…

For a brief moment, my entire face went numb… unable to look away in time… Get a hold of yourself Petch, that nameless man’s identity and how chummy they were acting with each other isn’t any of your business…

I focused my attention back to the woman in the red dress while repeating in my head: two thousand dollars, two thousand dollars, two thousand dollars…

I heard people call her name from time to time and thus came to know that her name was Alicia; what a pretty name. However… the issue was, after stalking her like a paparazzi for half an hour I was starting to notice something strange. Why was she going to the toilet so often? And… that powder stuck to her nose…

“Do you have a better lens?” The dot dot guy asked all of a sudden. “Can you zoom in anymore?”

“The photo’s shaky…” I reply softly. “Actually I think my hand is what’s shaky…”

“Have you enabled IS yet?”

Oh yeah, I forgot…

I adjusted my camera lens and held it up against my eye once more, but she had vanished again… Haah, I was getting tired of this, might as well take a toilet break. It was cold as hell here and the party was so hectic that I forgot to pee, at this rate I was probably going to contract a UTI.

The dressing room of the wedding couple was off to the side, separated from the great hall and complete with a small personal balcony of its own. I briefly caught sight of a familiar shadow and hastily chased it down, except… the situation behind the slightly ajar closed curtains caused me to press the shutter in a hurry like my life depended on it.

The gorgeous Alicia didn’t seem very gorgeous right now. She was sufficiently high on cocaine and had begun causing trouble by invading into the wedding couple’s dressing room. Picking up the bride’s spare wedding veil–used in case the actual one got torn–she placed it lopsidedly on her head and started to prance around, blowing cigarette smoke into the faces of the various servants who were charged with preparing the room. With no men around she became even more brazen, yanking this and that off, shredding clothing into pieces before scattering them into the air. Her cheery laugh was like that of a psycho.

“What are you doing here!”

A scolding voice along with a large hand made me jump. It was Viktar. I quickly motion for him to see and we both conspired together to observe the situation for a long while until someone had summoned three giant bodyguards over to carry Alicia out of the party. The beautiful woman agreed to leave quietly and obediently after a single uppercut swing to the chin… it was really a fantastic method of dealing with troublesome problems.

I showed the secretly taken photos to Viktar, holding up two fingers with pride. The dot dot guy stared at it with a nonchalant expression as usual. “Let me see them closely.”

I was reluctant to hand over my camera since I was afraid Viktar would drop it. However, he took it gently, holding it in the proper way as well. After inspecting the photos for a moment, he spoke up. “A 17/55mm lens would have been more suitable.”

“You like taking photos too?”

“Nope. You took nice shots though.”

“Really?” I’ve heard such praises far too frequently, but never from these people before.

The dot dot guy didn’t answer, however a smile escaped when he looked at some of the photos (What are you smiling about? They’re paparazzi photos.). Viktar turned the screen back for me to see. “Especially this photo.”

The thing which appeared on the camera screen was a photo of two men stood talking with each other in a flirty manner. Alexey’s hand was brushing the strands hair which had fallen on the forehead of that nameless man, his grey eyes gleaming with warmth, likewise to the faint smile on his face.

Actually I had unintentionally taken this photo. Yet the outcome was a scene which almost looked dream-like… the warm atmosphere created by the orange tone of the photo seemed so real that it felt almost tangible.


“Not going to boast about it?”

Let’s change topics, I didn’t want to talk about this. “Why did you hire me to take her photo?”

“Because of the way she is when you saw her earlier. Sir Alexey needed to take care of matters, concerning her, and also her husband”

‘Take care of’ were words which sounded very frightening.

“And the younger twin?”

Viktar’s cheeks twitched. He returned the camera to me. “Are you hungry?”

“You didn’t answered my question.” I demanded.

The faithful bodyguard sighed. “Some things are better off not knowing about. How about it, are you going back inside the party to find something to eat?”
Should I go back…?

If I went back… I would probably be too distracted by trying to find a certain someone… I feared for myself that I was going to pick up my camera and take a photo… take, take, take… remember, remember, remember… bury it deep into my brain until I’m unable to sleep… especially seeing that smile of his… there will be sleepless nights where I won’t be able to force my eyes shut.

Viktar stared at me, not saying anything like usual but instead messing up my hair in a somewhat consoling manner. “I’ll treat you to something delicious nearby, can you… um… eat mutton?”

“Hm… hua! Are you crazy? Why would anybody eat cotton? People here eat that as well? That’s super weird.”

Viktar made a confused face. What…? Did I say something wrong? “Well… you said cotton didn’t you? It’s the thing written on pillow labels!”

Viktar smiled wide. “This blockhead monkey. I said mutton… you know, ‘lamb’?”

I pull a wry face, he was teasing me again. “Fine, be it pig, dog, crow, chicken or whatever meat, I’ll eat it all, bring it on.”

“I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.” Viktar cocked an eyebrow. “Oh, Sir Alexey also ordered me to find a gun for you, in case you need it for self-defence. Are you familiar with guns? Hopefully you know how to load bullets.”

“Sorry to say Viktar, other than loading photos into a memory card, I can only load food into my stomach.”

The bodyguard shook his head with exasperation.



The things I remembered in bits and pieces were the green and brown Irish pub, the fragrant wafting smell of the mashed potatoes, tobacco, delicious juicy steaks, and the sound of people cheering for football…

It was great and entirely worth the sweat and tears I expended in today’s work, I really love Viktar.

“Haah, completely wasted… this little monkey.”

Someone’s voice rang loudly next to me. If this was a normal situation, I would have known who the voice belonged to, however, after knocking back two bottles of Corona Extra and another four shots of vodka, not falling off my seat was fortunate in and of itself.

I felt my body being swept up, floating in midair, up and down, up and down, before my back hit something soft. And then I floated…

The sound of conversation in some alien language echoed closeby. Mm… it sounds just like Viktar… there was a smell of cologne too… mm… the smell was really familiar… eh…? Quit playing with the back of my ear, I’m ticklish… Hm? Something velvety and warm touched my forehead, it was soft.

Someone’s hand was touching my cheek as well. Uu… don’t pinch it woi! That’s a person’s cheek, not a meat bun. Pinching wasn’t enough, my cheek was slapped too. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was drunk to the point where I couldn’t open my eyes, I would have pinched them back.

“Viktar, where’s his camera?”

“Over there Your Excellency.” Your Excellency, who’s this guy? Do I know him? What a long name. Ugh… Viktar can you quit shuffling around? I’m sleepy, and also full from the lamb. By now the two kilo piece of lamb which I had eaten was probably swimming happily in a sea of alcohol… splish splash, splish splash, it sounds fun just thinking about it.

Hm, how curious, my English comprehension improved when I was drunk…

“Braver than I thought… what do you think Viktar?”

“Are you talking about ‘her’ Your Excellency?”

The car made a sharp right turn which nearly caused it to drift off the road. Viktar was the person driving for sure.

“I think… both of them look odd. That pathetic old man is constantly admitting himself into the hospital while letting his wife attend parties day in and day out. Normally she’s more cautious than this.”

“That old man may be ill but his ambition isn’t, he still wishes to sit in the prime minister’s chair one day before dying. I really hate this thought, how disgusting…. Regardless, it’s a small problem when compared to Alicia who shamelessly came to today’s party without having been invited–to add, acting as disgusting as usual.”

“Your friend is far too polite to chase her out sir.”

“I’ll make it so that she won’t dare to show her face anywhere ever again.”

“However Your Excellency… I don’t see why you had to come down and involve yourself in insignificant matters like this.”

“It’s pretty fun is it not…? Think of this as taking the little monkey on an eye-opening field trip, with the added bonus of some snack money.”

“But I think…”

“Who do you think I am? A politician with clean hands? I don’t need to play by the rules… I dictate the rules for other people to play… Interesting matters like this… intimidation won’t cut it, only scalding water can scare a pig…”

Viktar laughed. “Yes sir… I’ll handle it.”

“And don’t dawdle, I still have a lot things that need to be taken care of… especially… Ethan.”

A voice this ferocious could belong to no one other than Alexander Nazarbayev. I startle right out of my sleep, collecting my thoughts and… oh… I thought I heard that hottie’s voice earlier, he’s wasn’t here…?

“Are you awake? We’ve arrived at the hotel.”

“Just now, was I dreaming?”


“I thought I heard Alexey’s voice.”

“He’s still at the party.”

O-oh… really? Was I hallucinating in my sleep…?



When I arrived at the room, the lamb which was swimming splish splash a moment ago wanted to get out of its swimming pool so suddenly that I couldn’t adjust in time. Stepping into the room, I flung myself and embraced the toilet seat like it was an old friend that I hadn’t seen for a long time before puking exactly like Jessica when she drank until she looked three months pregnant.

The dot dot guy who supported me up to the room stood speculating for a moment before coming to sit next to me, rubbing my back and shoulders until I felt better.

Despite this being a critical moment… I was secretly peering over at Viktar from a close distance. This… although his face looked a bit droopy, when he smiled it was a hell of a thing. Haah, if I wasn’t puking, I probably would have asked him for a photo and then recommend him to Editor Chid as a potential model.

“Are you okay? Do you feel better yet?”

I rinsed my mouth clean while looking at bodyguard number two stand arms crossed leaning against the doorframe. He had two gun holsters strapped to his waist. “Uu, ank ew”


I spit out the water and reply clearly. “Thank you.”

The dot dot guy smiled. “See you tomorrow.”

Although it was through the mirror… I could see that Viktar genuinely smiling at me, his blue eyes also curving into two smiley arches… he really looked good when his smiled.

After Viktar had gone back… I sat in a dizzy trance on the bed, still exhausted from puking earlier… Reaching for my camera, I decided to browse through the photos which I had taken today… though someone had definitely tampered with the photos in my camera, if not, why were half of the photos missing? Specifically the photos of the incident in the dressing room–and it was probably the work of no one other than Viktar following his boss’ order. The final remaining photo in my camera was the one which that guy had used to tease me with.

Yeah… I don’t mean to praise myself but this photo was truly beautiful, from the two models to the lighting, colours, and composition… Yet for me, looking at it made me feel a sort of lonely emptiness…

Who was this guy…? He wore a Tom Ford suit too, it was stunning… oh, hey…
I hastily squinted my eyes, zooming closer into the photo. I must still be drunk, this was Kazakhstan, not the Academy Awards, who else in the party would be wearing a Tom Ford suit!? The person which the hottie had his arms wrapped around was the exact same person as Alicia’s younger twin, moreover he resembled…

I blink rapidly…

The younger twin… bright blue eyes, brown freckles decorating a prominent nose, and a smooth egg-shaped face.

There was definitely something wrong with my vision because this guy was–! They resembled each other more than two sheeps. No, no, two sheeps still had their differences. They were exact copies of each other, clones even!!! Oh my godddddd!

The realization which flashed into my mind rendered me completely sober. All of this was the same person… the man on the airplane… the ‘special person’ that a certain someone around here was… carefully looking after … attentively and meticulously… no wayyyyyyyy.

The door to room knocked softly. I yell out a response by accident.

“It’s me, open the door.”

He really didn’t die off easily… this thick-skinned hottie…

“Guests aren’t welcome tonight.”

“They aren’t welcome? Have you discussed it with Mama-san yet?”

(TN: Mama-san – slang for a woman who manages a prostitution shop)

“You idiot.”

“I’ve brought snack money as payment like promised.”

He was in a good mood… was he still not satisfied after spending time with that special someone?

“You can pay me some other day, I’m drunk right now and can’t count the money properly.”

“Then I’m here… to see the state of a drunk person. Also if you don’t take the money, I’m going to use it to roll a blunt.”

Underneath the door a paper envelope slotted through, complete with two large wads of cash causing me to jump straight of the bed and yank the door open. Hugging the money envelop close to my chest, I shouted. “Are you crazy! Money doesn’t grow on trees woi!”

“I know, after all you haven’t paid for my car’s paint repair.”

Hu… even digging up my debt from a century ago! “What are you worried about, it’s just a single car. You have several other Benz’s that you can use to pick up and send off a certain special someone from.

Alexey’s expression turned hostile, making me realize what I had just said out loud. The hottie pushed me into the room before locking the door. “Petch, don’t speak without thinking.”

“You’re right, I have a loose mouth… that wasn’t something I should have said, I overstepped my boundaries.”

I walk away to the bathroom, violently splashing cold water on my face so as to call back my senses.

“Don’t worry, I won’t spread any rumours about you, oh and don’t worry… I’m not jealous or anything.” Really? This is you being ‘not jealous’ Petch…? “I don’t need any special treatment… you sent me a convertible car when it was nearly below zero degrees and even made me risk my life with a truck, just this much has me thrilled. And I really wanted to sleep… but you sent me off to do an assignment across the entire city, plus forced me into accepting paparazzi work, having me chase after someone I know nothing about… Do you think I flew all the way over the ocean to participate in a triathlon? If you really think so then let me kneel and thank you deeply, I’m so touched that you see me as someone with superhuman toughness.”

“Are you being sarcastic?”

This was the first time I heard this hottie ask something stupid. Maybe I’m complimenting you, you f*cking… you… you… how should I curse him… you f*cking communist (was this even insulting?)

“Not at all… I’m really impressed. Also don’t send one of your followers after me tomorrow. I guarantee, regardless of what kind of trouble I end up in, I absolutely won’t call your name–here… want a beer?”


“Ninety tenge, pay up, I’m not letting you drink for free.” I was nearly diving into the refrigerator for god’s sake. I didn’t want to see his face… I wanted to cry so badly… Was there any way to make this idiot leave the room?

“Haah… you’re misunderstanding things… when are you going to grow up?” A large body pressed up against me from behind, along with a strong embrace which left my body warm all over. “Let’s see… what beer do you have.” Your eyes should be looking inside the refrigerator woi, not staring at my face. “I don’t really drink local beer, which one’s good, recommend me one.”

“Well go ask… ask… ask your underling. Viktar knows a lot of good pubs– uu… get your face away from me… wawawawawa…” My body floated uncontrollably in mid air, slung over Alexey’s shoulder before ‘whoosh!’ I landed on top of the bed, seeing Sir Alexander the Great grin a mischievous grin over me.

“Ninety tenge for the beer… I can even give you one hundred times more than that.”

“As payment for what? I don’t want it woi, ninety is enough, they say greed is a sin.”

Grey eyes smiled endearingly at my whining. I hadn’t lashed out enough for being depressed the entire day to be worth it yet.

“Well I want to pay… for the hard work of a sulking little monkey.”

Hmph… his gaze had a gleam of playfulness to it, at the same time hugging me extremely tight. I won’t forgive you, you need to make up for hurting my feelings!!!

Uuuuu, don’t rub your nose in my neck you idiot!


Allow me to reinforce this point in case somebody hasn’t figured it out yet… I really hated this hottie, especially when he used various tricks to capture a masculine man like me.

Sweet saccharine grey eyes lured me into a deep intoxicating kiss. My consciousness was tossed to the side by the bizarre exercise which squeezed every drop of sweat from my body and transformed it into… do I really have to say this out loud? How embarrassing… into… um… a turbocharged engine that was powerful and easy to start, rubbing it here and there… woi! This is getting too obscene, I’ll be censored at this rate.

Once finished playing with my body and battered feelings, he cajoled me with sweet gentle words.

What I remembered before falling asleep was a soft tender kiss that trailed from my shoulder to my hip before returning back up to my ear, tickling me playfully.

“I think I’m crazy.”

“You just realized?” I made a sulky voice. “You’re a freak, plus a pervert who loves to create trouble for other people.”

“No, I mean I’m crazy to be here.”

If you weren’t hugging me here… who were you going to find and hug instead…? This was just my inner thoughts so I didn’t say it out loud.

However, he probably read what I was thinking since he started hugging me tighter… warmer… so closely together that I felt the rhythm of his beating heart… “But I think… here’s the right place to be.”

Look at this guy trying to cajole me… was this the most sentimental a man like him could get?

“So are you going to tell me…? Who is that guy?”

“Ask again and I’ll make you pass out on this bed.”

“Dodge the question and I’ll call the police and tell them that I was raped by a Kazakhstani civil servant.”

“The police here can’t speak English, sorry to say.” Alexey scrunched his brows together coupled with an expression of sympathy. “But fine, given that you’ve been bullied the entire day today.”

“More like bullied this entire lifetime.” I quickly correct him with the truth.

“Come on. Since you’ve been so obedient and endearing lately I’ll tell you… Ethan… mm… he will be your teacher and… will grant you many new experiences by working together.”

“Sounds grand.”

“That’s what I can do.” His large hand patted my head gently. “Go to sleep little monkey.”

Despite knowing that this hottie was intentionally evading my question, I was too exhausted to press on…

I wonder if I… will ever catch up to him one day…


And when I awoke next morning, Alexey had vanished as usual, leaving behind only a body which ached slightly and a heart that felt more refreshed; mine.

Wait! Wipe that grin of your face. I was feeling good because I finally got enough sleep, not because someone lulled me to sleep okay?

Glancing at the camera sitting nearby, I picked it up to play around with it casually. However, when I turned it on, my interest was piqued when I saw a photo of myself appear in the camera. My light skin contrasted against the soft thick duvet, sleeping soundly with a smile on my face like a child. Gentle sunlight peeked in through the room’s window blinds which was damp with condensation. The photo was like inside a dream… or rather like heaven on earth.

If looking from a photographer’s point of view… the photo was worthy of being offered and sold to a popular magazine. Everything from its clarity, lighting, shadow, composition, and mood was… perfect like the work of a professional.

But if looking from my point of view… I could do nothing but smile… hugging the camera against my chest… grinning and smiling gleefully to myself.


Oh… and have I told you yet… that I was starting to feel good about this vicious foul-mouthed gangster too.

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed this chapter. Sorry that it’s a bit unpolished this time but I wanted to release it as soon as possible before my trip. I’ll be travelling for the next 11 days and won’t be able to work on Carta Visa so there will be a short break in updates.

In the meantime I hope you have a great week, and thank you to the people who comment regularly (you know who you are!), your words are a pleasure to read.


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  3. Linearcrown – thanks for the chapter!
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