Carta Visa: 21st Round

Bold: The characters are speaking in English.

Good grief! Why was I walking around in this freezing eight degrees weather with an expressionless-looking red cow by my side when the other guy got to sit in a posh Benz car equipped with a heater? This was not fair at all!

“Hey Alexey, aren’t you a bit too cruel?”

The owner of the Benz cast his eyes at me, the irritation in them apparent as usual. “Well wouldn’t it be crueler if you just abandoned Jerry here?”

“Who the hell is Jerry?”

“That cow beside you of course.”

“Let’s tie him to a nearby post first, we can come back to collect him tomorrow can’t we? I’m cold woi.”

The Benz which was moving slowly came to an immediate halt. “Get on then.”

I grinned up to my ears before pausing upon hearing his next sentence.

“However, this breed of cow is considerably expensive. Did you know that they were imported from Denmark…? So if one of them happens to disappear…”

This guy was psychologically attacking me again! Even though it was this late already, he was still in the mood to bully me, this hottie was clearly abnormal.

“So what if it disappears?”

“Then it will become a very delicious steak. Come on, get in the car.”

He had me stunned for two seconds before I burst into laughter, quickly tying the cow to a post on the side of the road and hopping into the gorgeous car.


The following day’s lunch… I actually got to eat steak. But hm… I wonder, could it have been Jerry?



“Hey model! Stop fidgeting, I’m not responsible if your fake eyelashes look crooked woi

“It’s your fault Petch, you suck at attaching fake eyelashes. Look, look, this is how it’s done–aah! The glue’s dripping all over!”

Jessica’s sharp grating voice transmitted relentlessly throughout the entire afternoon from the moment I tried to reconcile with her when she was washing the dishes. I promised to improve myself, starting by respecting her as a normal person, respecting her as a friend, but also as a model.

Have a guess as to what Jessica’s reaction was. She glanced me from corner of her eyes and sent me a disgusted look like one of those soap opera villains from Channel 7 who always stared daggers at the poor female protagonist (me?).

“Do you realize Petch, this is the two hundred and seventy-seventh time you’ve promised me that you’ll improve yourself. However, for the past two hundred and seventy-six times, you have proven to me that I shouldn’t forgive you. Your terrible attitude is too late for fixing.”

From simply this, I wanted to crawl back into the barn and hug Jerry, sobbing and crying before hanging myself to let everything be over and done with. However, the following sentence unexpectedly made my heart flourish.

“But you have never promised to treat me with respect before, therefore I will give you another chance, being the kind and Miss Universe level beauty that I am.” Miss Universe said. “This is your last chance Petch.”

A shiver shot down my spine from hearing this ultimatum. But I already swore to myself that I would try my best. Therefore… I could probably do it right? In any case, if I were to make a mistake again, it would be to Jessica’s benefit since she would finally be rid of a despicable guy like me.

“Hey Mr. Photographer, I’m finished with my makeup.”

I looked at her once more and reached for a cheek brush, brushing a bit more of the shimmering gold Bobbi Brown bronzer onto her cheekbones. “Yeah, this will do. Wait… let’s do it like this…”


Me, Jessica, and Viktar (our baggage boy) stepped out to discuss the concept of the photograph. Today was sunny, a complete mismatch to yesterday’s weather. As such, I was able to take in the smell and color of the verdant grass dusting every small and large hill in the distance. Trying my best, I focused all my mental faculties on recalling my past experiences as a fashion photographer, in case it could be applied to the landscape photography that I was not accustomed with.

For the first thirty photos, both Jessica and I were still fumbling about. We were unsure of what we were doing, getting on a cow at first, then a horse, then her boots became dirtied with mud, it was all a mess. But after fifty photos, our work process began to smoothen out. Although the model was an amateur, my friend Jessica quickly picked up the camera angles, she also knew what angle her face looked most photogenic at.

I had to admit… having a model while also trying to focus on the landscape was surprisingly fun. Habitually, I would always observe the model first. However, once able to detach my gaze from that center of attention, I began to notice the other beautiful things around me, from the fine texture of the ground to the natural lighting.

Working as a team, I felt refreshed to see everyone diligently doing their jobs. No one was slacking or disturbing others, and like today… I felt happy to see Jessica–who blazed with anger yesterday–pacified, showing her full willingness to cooperate with me. Be it changing clothes, fixing the hairstyle or doing the makeup, my friend helped me just like the stylists at my workplace. She thought of what clothes to wear, which pair of shoes matched, and what hairstyle would complement the setting of the photoshoot. The chest of clothes which she hauled from Germany to Kazakhstan, not a single piece laid unused.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the other person. Alexey had vanished to who knows where since early this morning but returned with a new car… bro, is your house a car dealership? And this car was…

Uaaaaa! Oh my goddddd… this was… it was a flame red 2007 Hummer H3. Give me a moment to scream in excitement again, oh godddddddd…. this was the car of my dreams!

….And to switch from a Benz to a Hummer, was he planning on raiding a jungle or something?

Alexey exited the car with a small suitcase that Viktar hurriedly took off his hands.

“The matter I assigned you, is it dealt with?”

“Yes sir, a helicopter will be waiting for you at six o’clock sharp.”


Thus ended the extremely short conversation between these two people. The hottie walked over to greet Jessica first, giving her an aggravating kiss on the cheek before walking back to me. “How’s it going?”

“It’s… good.” Don’t take your sunglasses off so close to my face, move that handsome face away, and quit faking that caring voice. You wouldn’t have pampered me if it wasn’t drunk, I know alright! “That car… is it yours?” Ugh, this close proximity made my knees weak… I’m referring to the Hummer, okay?

“Yeah, there’s more where that came from.”

Heuk… I wanted to try riding on one too. So damn awesome…”

However… Alexey switched conversation topics all of a sudden. “How is work going? Have you been naughty today?”

I wrinkled my face, stuffing the camera into his hands. “This is all I managed to get today…” I wanted to touch the Hummer… how pretty.

Alexey took the camera out of my hands and studied the photos, leaving my heart to pound thunderously inside my chest. Wh… why was he smiling…? My photos were inferior to his, so of course he was sneering at me… What was he smiling for? Let the cat out of the bag already…

“Not bad.” It was a only a short praise… but it came with the keys to the Hummer which left me dumbfounded. I clutched at his shirt tight. “… you’re joking.”

“I’m lending it to you. Don’t come back late, you’ll get lost, and bring Viktar with you too.”

I couldn’t stop smiling… my jaws were stiff. Good god, I felt like I could fly without needing to rely on a menstrual pad equipped wings. That said… I didn’t really want to go with Viktar.

(TN: Petch thinks of the strangest things honestly)

“…and you’re not free to go with me…?”

Who the hell did this voice belong to!? It was pleading sweetly as well, hey! I wasn’t the person who said these words, really, it wasn’t meeeee…

Alexey smiled… he smiled tenderly at me for the first time in what seemed like eight million years.

Thank you God. Oh, and thank you Jessica too.

It’s solely because of you… good fortune is looking down on me today because of you.



Bangkok, Thailand.


“Oh woah, you call at five but arrive at eight, since when did you become a young master? Come, get inside.” P’Chid boisterously greeted Pun with open delight (but also dismay) when he noticed the charming man standing at the entrance of the pub which was just a block away from their editorial department’s office. The tall figure strode over and greeted all of the familiar faces before meeting eyes with the unfamiliar bright-eyed foreign man. Pun smiled and greeted him first out of good manners. The other party bowed slightly. Upon seeing his face clearly, the man was likely Japanese.

“Sit, sit, have you eaten yet?”

The newly arrived person made a tormented face. “I’m dying of hunger P’Chid, do you have anything to eat?” He inquired despite his hand already chucking salt roasted cashews into his mouth while receiving a large pint of beer from the other party. “Ah… that really hits the spot, it’s sweltering outside.”

“Just look at you whining, were you actually born in Alaska P’Pun?” Meuk couldn’t resist butting in.

Hua, you’re suspicions are too exaggerated.”

P’Chid switched seats from an armchair to right beside him. “How did you get here? I didn’t see your car, did you take a taxi?”

“Oh… it’s parked over there.” He tipped the beer into his mouth, taking a large gulp and accidentally using the back of his hand to wipe at his mouth; this was a habit of his.

“Where? There’s only a BMW parked there.” Editor Chid leaned over to look but was taken aback. “Oh…”

“What do you mean by ‘Oh’ P’Chid?” Mild, who was busy playing on the Blackberry phone slung around her neck asked, eyes still plastered to the screen as her fingers–which were as large as her breasts–punched the tiny keypad without rest.

“Nowadays… there’s no such thing as a Nissan in his books anymore. A handsome rich man like Punnaphob has to have a luxurious ride like a BMW waiting at his beck and call.”

Meuk replied to Mild with a voice louder than necessary, causing the man in question to quickly intervene.

“What are you guys on about? My car has an oil leak so I’m borrowing somebody else’s car in the meantime.”

The response from his drinking circle was a resounding ‘sureeeeeeeee’ that wasn’t quite genuine. Realizing he was in a bad spot, Pun hurriedly shouted for another two jugs of beer and switched topics. “So P’Chid… why did you call me out today?”

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Editor Chid nudged the young man sitting beside him. “Pun, this is Haru, he’s going to be interning as a photographer at our office. In these three weeks before you head to Uzbekistan, I want you to take care of him and teach him the ropes. When we get closer to the date, I’ll find someone to replace you as his supervisor alright? Haru, this is P’Pun, he’ll be guiding you through your work.”

“That’s right, Petch isn’t back yet.” Pun turned to face the Japanese boy and studied him closely. “Can you speak Thai? I’m not proficient with English just so you know.”

“Oh, not to worry, he can speak several languages.” P’chid answered in his stead before taking the opportunity when Haru wasn’t looking to whisper quietly into his ear. “He’s the son of the director… his father, Mr. Yoshimizu entrusted him to us. As for your job… just treat the boy endearingly like how you you treat Petch.”

Pun nodded, using this opportunity to introduce himself. “You can call me P’Pun, I’ve worked with P’Chid for several years now so… feel free to ask me anything, I won’t bite.”

The Japanese boy smiled, eyes squinting as two canine teeths poked out from his mouth like a cat’s. He introduced himself fluently in Thai, and although his accent wasn’t very clear, it caused Mild to completely forget about the phone in her hands, her expression dreamy, like she had been charmed by a love potion.

“My name is… Haru, I’m Thai, not Japanese. I speak Thai with my father everyday and I love taking photos very much. Actually, when I was studying university in Frankfurt, I was so obsessed with taking photos that it made my father angry–ah… I’m speaking too much again… gomen… in any case… what’s the word in Thai again… um, yoroshiku onegai…”

Haru finished his introductions and smiled, eyes squinting again.

…Yeah, this guy was admittedly pretty endearing. But first… it seems like Pun would need to have his ears tuned first so he could fathom Haru’s language. Otherwise, he was going to have a large headache!

“P’Pun.” The mention of his name came accompanied by the palm of a large chubby hand with leopard print nails belonging to Mild. Accented and curled with mascara, her eyes glared intimidatingly at him as she publicly announced to the entire pub: “P’Pun… since you’ve already swiped both the owner of that BMW and P’Petch, this man belongs to me!”

Mild might have been watching too many dramas lately. To say such a shameless sentence without flinching in the slightest… “Hey Mild, if you want someone then catch them yourself, don’t blame it on me.”

“It’s because of the abundance of guys like you P’Pun. You’re catching male fish with not only two hands, but two feet, the good men on this earth are all taken now. Just look at me, I still can’t find a husband!”

P’Chid choked on his beer. From the people in their drinking circle to the other customers and the bartender, everyone turned to look; including Haru who sat there with bright round eyes like a curious kitten. “What are you talking about? Haru doesn’t understand.”

Not only that, the innocent boy turned to Meuk and pleaded him to elaborate on Mild’s words. Pun wanted to split the earth and disappear underground with embarrassment. Never did he expect that teasing Petch at the office would lead to such a terrible impact on his reputation as a handsome, appetizing, and korean-looking man.

Furthermore, Mild was exaggerating, after all, he had never agreed to date Sasha. He was this old already and wasn’t on the lookout for a relationship. Occasionally having dinners together, staying over, and caring for one another, he hadn’t done a disservice to anyone…

Forget about his actions, the intention was what’s important! Punnaphob was definitely still single!

“I’m heading back first then, I only waited to discuss work with Pun.” Suddenly, P’Chid who was enjoying his beer moments ago interrupted the silence, causing confusion to fall on the entire table.

“How are you getting back P’Chid? Do you want me to send you home? I haven’t drunk yet so I can drive.” Pun quickly offered. He knew that P’Chid hated driving in Bangkok, especially when it was eight in the evening on a weekday, the roads were still jampacked with traffic.

Editor Chid placed his money on the table before waving dismissively at the invitation. “No thanks, I don’t want to sit on a stranger’s car.”

Pun was reminded of the key to the BMW in his shirt pocket. True, this was Sasha’s car. But it wouldn’t hurt to drive P’Chid back to his house. However, before he could insist, Haru’s bewildered face caused him to lose concentration. Upon turning back, P’Chid had already hopped on a taxi.

Was he being hated? But for what reason? He didn’t understand it at all.

Then again, today had been a truly strange day. This morning when he called Sasha, a woman picked up the phone instead, informing him that Sasha was busy. As noon approached, his Nissan car sported an oil leakage so he was forced to call an auto-mechanic. Later in the day… a service center called to inform about the iPhone he had sent in for repairs, whereby after inspection by a technician it was discovered that his phone’s memory board was broken. However, as the center did not have the necessary spare parts yet, he would have to wait in the meantime. Thus, once evening fell… he felt happy to be invited out for drinks, looking forward to sipping beer and chatting with his friends as he unwound. But who would have guessed? His senior fled in the blink of an eye, leaving behind a curious kitten for him to raise. As his luck was already this terrible, if he called Petch tonight, he would likely be listening to the puppy complain about some ridiculous problem until his ears turned numb. No more woi, it was better to head back home and sleep it off.

A pair of eyes with corners as sharp as cat’s stared at Pun, it was… um… cute wasn’t the right word, nor was it necessarily begging for sympathy. “P’Pun, you see, how do I… get back to Asok from here?”

All in all, he still ended up as a chauffeur. As for the passenger, it was a certain curious kitten who constantly kept asking questions throughout the entire ride… He even asked why Mild accused P’Pun of catching men.

“And isn’t catching men normally used in regards to women? I’ve heard them say it on TV before.”

Punnaphob desperately needed two packs of paracetamol, now!


Ever since becoming a photographer, he had met a number of camera fanatics. However, he had never met someone who was crazy, rich, and passionate about photography as much as this guy before. Haru, I think you’re a super fanatic, not just a normal person who loves taking photographs.

Haru’s studio was the size of two bedrooms and situated in the center of Asok. Pun wasn’t sure of the exact price but the cheapest property had to be at least four or five million baht. The entire room was filled with… photo, photos, and more photos. Except, it was strange that every photo had an identical symbol adorning their righthand corner. What was even stranger was that the storytelling in these photographs were not amateur-level at all. Each photo conveyed a tale of a journey from one continent to another. A journey… belonging to someone. Regardless of whose journey this was, the person who took these photos was beyond a professional. Their camera lens was not a mere camera lens, but the eyes of someone deep in thought and loaded with emotions…

Oh woah… who was the person that took these photos? Their skill was not ordinary in the slightest.

While he was being entranced by the photos which decorated the room, the owner of the room was smiling with squinted eyes as he handed him a cup of tea. “Have a seat P’Pun, wait here while I go find my panorama lens. I moved back to Bangkok just a few days ago so it’s been so hectic.”

It was true. Haru still hadn’t even finished unpacking his belongings that had been hauled all the way from Germany yet, some boxes were still sealed tight. Instead, he had chosen to mount these photographs to the walls first.

“Haru thinks P’Pun should take a telephoto lens as well.”

“I already have one. It’s only the wide lens that I’m missing since I lent mine to P’Petch for his Kazakhstan trip.”

The person who was rummaging messily through his own belongings turned to look with wide eyes before making a highly excited voice that made Pun curious. “Huaaa…! How nice, Haru wants to go there too.” And then sighed. “But even if Haru went, it’s likely that Haru won’t be able to find them…”

“What are you hoping to find?”

“All of these photos are pieces that Haru won from an auction in Germany.” The owner of the room explained. “This photographer is like a God to Haru. Initially they refused to put their photos up for sale, no matter how much Haru pleaded they were absolutely adamant about it. Not to mention, they refused to accept any apprentices or assistants either. Even when Haru offered to work for free as a baggage boy, they still refused. Isn’t this person super mean? Then one day, suddenly an auction opened up, they were selling off all of their photos before… vanishing into thin air. The only thing that Haru could do was beg father for an early monthly allowance so Haru could collect these photos before anyone else got their hands of them. But it’s a shame, Haru still didn’t have enough money to gather every piece.” The kitty’s face resembled that of someone after a rough break up.

“What are you making that expression for? You’re heartbroken because of a photographer?”

“Beyond heartbroken, Haru was extremely shocked at the time and even stalked their friend’s apartment for several days until the guy gave in and told Haru where that person had disappeared off to.”

“So where did they go?” Pun asked, beginning to feel intrigued.

“He said that photographer was traveling to the Silk Road.”

“Hah? The Silk Road? I think they’ve breathed their last then Haru.”

“No, Haru was actually tricked, they didn’t really travel to the Silk Road… Oh, and they had assistants too, except all of them vanished too, Haru never heard news of them again.” Haru explained, simultaneously handing the box containing the panorama lens to Pun. “Haru hasn’t had a chance to use this at all. It was originally meant for when Haru would go on trips with ‘that person’ but it’s hopeless now. Take it P’Pun, Haru will let you borrow it.”

“That’s really funny Haru! You poured everything into becoming the baggage boy for a photographer who has never seen your worth?” Upon Pun accidentally uttering this, the boy went silent, sending a shy smile back instead. Pun shook his head.

“Look… Haru, are you planning on following your true love to the Silk Road? Who do you think you are? King Napoleon leading his army from France to Siberia?”

Punnaphob received the brand new lens and hugged it to his chest… He felt happy, but not extremely happy, it was an inexplicable feeling. To be honest, he wanted another pack of paracetamol as well. Why was his life full of nothing but strange people!?


After Haru treated him to an extra beer or two, the kitty proudly showed off his own collection of photographs that he had taken during his time in Germany… They were not bad at all. In fact, Haru might even be more skilled than Petch. This was especially apparent in the landscape photos which Haru took during his travels across Europe from the north to the far reaches of the south, they were fantastic, be it the technique, the lighting arrangement, or the mood and tone.

The kitty smiled, eyes squinting. “I’m looking forward to working with you P’Pun.”


His strangeness could be probably tolerated… the kid was endearing after all.



Till Pun returned to room 1206, it was already very late at night. Something was bugging him all throughout the day to the point where he wanted to consult the matter with someone else. He glanced at the clock which was soon approaching the number twelve. Inside, he reminded himself that it was only early in the evening in Germany, so calling Sasha now shouldn’t pose much of a problem. But he was scared all of a sudden.  If he called, would a woman to pick up the phone again? Was she his secretary? If so, why did he leave his phone with her? Sasha was normally so protective over his device.

Pun pondered this curiously. Sasha might have some business that he doesn’t want him involved in. The man had claimed that work was piling up recently, frequently having to attend several behind-the-curtain negotiations as well. Hence, Pun thought better than to overstep his boundaries and probe too much.

In the end, he decided against calling Sasha. He washed up, turned on the television to keep him company, ruminating over a few things briefly, then turned off the lamp on his bedstand, thinking to himself that today would be the final night that he would be staying over at this place. He was not going to come back to this condo anymore until the true owner of this room returned.

There would be no car for him to use… but it was better to leave this BMW here. Taking a taxi to work should be fine if it’s only for a week.

Pun took no less than five minutes to fall soundly asleep from exhaustion.



Sasha downed a cup of rich espresso as he sat beside his family’s lawyer. The woman who was sitting opposite to him possessed a pair of mysterious grey eyes which exactly resembled her brother’s. Her face was expressionless, there was no visible sign of happiness or sadness. Beside her was a lawyer dispatched from a law firm most well-renowned in Europe for dealing with cases of divorce. Aside from this, the man who despised him the most in the world was listening silently on the other side of Vivian.

The sound of two knocks on the door was accompanied by the figures of two little boys, one wearing a bright red dungaree while the other–whose face was identical down to every single detail–wore a tartan-patterned shirt, both of them loudly demanding attention from the aforementioned man.  This was followed by the voice of their babysitter, a plump woman in her late forties who quickly led the little kids away.

This brief meeting was a painful moment. Not just for him, but for her, her elder brother, their two sons, and her elder brother’s bodyguard… Isakov.

This man loved Vivian from instant she opened her eyes for the first time and set it upon this world. He was someone who would go to any lengths to make her happy, all without hoping for anything in return. And he was probably the man most pained by the situation which had played out.

Isakov never forgave him… and there would never be a day in which he would too.

The sound of paper being tapped into a neat stack sounded alongside the creak of the chairs as they were being moved. Vivian’s lawyer promised to handle the detailed proceedings of the divorce so it could happen as smoothly as possible and without any problems.

Vivian sighed, color returning to her face. It was perhaps because she had finally overcome one clump of fog tainting her life.

This clump of fog being… he himself. Sasha knew he could not undo the past. But he could make the future better. So if this decision of his brought his former wife happiness, he was glad to go through with it.

“Vivian, if you have something to talk to him about, you best do so now. I’ll go see how the kids are doing for you.”

Isakov said and left the room. Watching through the glass window, Sasha saw the man’s strained expression dissipate, replaced instead by a wide smile as he playfully hoisted up the small boy in the red dungaree. As for the other boy, he was leaping up and down, wanting to get a view from that high vantage point as well. He watched as the tall large figure lovingly led the twins by their little hands… He should be relieved right? Regardless of all else, he could be rest assured that these two twins would be showered in unconditional love from everyone around them.

Sasha rubbed the back of his own hand, pursing his mouth and closing his eyes, using this final second to say farewell. He slowly and carefully removed his wedding ring from his left ring finger. The second when the cold metal freed itself from his finger, he felt relieved. It was finally over, this heavy burden…

Vivian carefully removed the same object and returned it to him, her smile as tender as always.

Although Sasha was unable to love her as a wife, he knew that he still loved her as a sister, as family, and as a woman who was worthy of being admired till the end of time.

“Thank you very much, Sasha… for granting me freedom.”

Thank you as well, dear sister… Vivian Nazarbayev.

And thank you from the bottom of his heart for being a splendid mother to Nikolai and Kiril Gilliseva, the two sons which he did not have the right to raise but still loved as their ‘father’; and everyone desired it to be such.



‘I’ll be flying to Vienna today for business. Probably won’t be able to call you, sorry.’


Pun read the message over and over again as he brushed his teeth upon waking up. The smell of his mama’s red rice porridge and minced pork omelette wafted up to his bedroom on the second floor of the house. He heard his mama’s voice in the distance calling him down to eat breakfast before heading off to work.

He hadn’t had a meal with his parents for a quite a long time now. When was the last time? He couldn’t remember despite originally being someone very attached to his home. He liked going home to watch television with Pa. He also liked Mama’s special Sunday dinners very much.

What was wrong with him…? Pun didn’t understand himself. Not only did he not feel quite like himself, he even felt like time was missing despite there being the same twenty-four hours everyday. Not only this, he felt impatient and agitated, lacking concentration to work properly. He had truly become strange.

Pun had an itching feeling that P’Chid was displeased with his current himself, but for what reason? He wasn’t quite sure. What was certain though, was that this entire matter was related to Sasha.

He typed in his response. To be honest he was feeling lonely… but he didn’t exactly want the other party to know about it. Pun had dated several girls before, so he understood how irritating it was to have someone trying to tie you down, or demand countless requests from you.

‘Go wherever you want. Tell me when you reach Mars.’

Not even two minutes later, he received a reply.

‘When that time comes I’ll take you with me. They’re making the final call now / love you.’

The thoughts he was having just moments ago… he forgot everything immediately… Pun grinned up to his ears. Ditching his plan of taking a taxi to work, he grabbed the keys to the luxurious car which Sasha had left for him to use, slung his camera bag over one shoulder and exited the room.



Far off in Central Asia, one of the handsomest men in the country was knitting his brows together, staring at the message shining on the screen of both his phone and the sleepy monkey’s who still refused to get out of bed.

His Russian blackberry iPhone displayed the following Cyrillic script:


‘I’m accompanying Vivian to a performance in Vienna. Order your bodyguard to stay in Frankfurt, I beg of you, he’s been sticking to me like a flea.’


It wasn’t wrong to say that he was displeased that his favourite bodyguard was being insulted. But he was also entertained because he understood Isakov’s ‘bite and won’t let go’ attitude very well. The issue was not with the message that Sasha had sent to him, but more importantly, the message which appeared on the monkey’s crappy mobile phone.


‘In a few more days we’ll finally get to see each other. Astana won’t lose out to my hometown Tashkent! Take care, my baby / Sasha.’


Which ‘baby’ of yours exactly!?

Alexey boldly deleted the message without even asking permission from the owner of the device who was still sleeping with drool dripping out of his mouth next to him. Typically, he wasn’t one to involve himself in personal matters such as these, however in this instance, no, when it came to this person, he really couldn’t allow it.


Don’t dream of getting a taste Sasha, because this wild monkey belongs to me!


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